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Iftar Saem 9 Project (4)

Distribution of the fourth meal of Ramadan baskets ❤️
💟 Donating 202 Ramadan baskets 🛍️ during the blessed month of Ramadan “Alhamdulillah 🙌“…
As part of our charitable activities for the blessed month of Ramadan – for the year 2024
✅ Through the “Joy of the Fasting Person 9” project, and for the 9th consecutive year, our organization’s management, with the help of Allah Almighty and our dear donors and volunteers, during the period from March 26th until yesterday, Saturday, April 6th, 2024, distributed the fourth meal of Ramadan baskets to needy Muslim families, both refugees and non-refugees, residing in and outside the refugee camps in Bucharest, as well as those with limited income. With this, the number of Ramadan baskets distributed so far becomes 202.
💟 On this occasion, the management of our organization and those in charge extend their sincere thanks, appreciation, and respect to all our dear donors for their continuous support and assistance to the poor Muslims in Bucharest. May Allah honor and bless you and accept your work in your balance of good deeds and reward you with all goodness, Insha’Allah 🤲❤️
💟 The management of our organization also extends heartfelt thanks to our dear volunteers for their good efforts and all their contributions to the success of this project.
⬅️ We are currently working on implementing the Zakat Al-fitr project to help needy families. You can donate your Zakat Al-fitr for yourself and your family to contribute to helping these families by contacting us via WhatsApp on the following phone number ⬇️
✅ You can donate food items for Zakat Al-fitr (a sa’ of dates or grains such as rice and others).
✅ Or you can volunteer to help us complete the project.
✅ Or donate the Zakat Al-fitr amount, which is 50 Romanian lei for this year 2024. The donation can be made in cash at our organization’s headquarters or directly to the following association account ⬇️
Bank transfer information:
Organization Name: Asociatia Buds Flowers
CIF: 28982541
Account Number
IBAN in Lei
Bank Name: BCR – Grivița Branch
Donation Subject: Zakat Al-fitr Donation
May Allah help us all in doing good deeds 🤲
Happy Eid al-Fitr, and may you be well and healthy every year, Insha’Allah 🌙🕌
Thank you very much for your support and trust in us 

🌱Asociația Bud’s Flowers

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