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EID AL ADHA Campaign 2024

EID AL ADHA Campaign 2024

Campaign of Eid Al-Adha 9 – 2024

The organization of Association Bud’s Flowers , starting from today, Thursday, 16.05.2024, launches the project campaign “Eid Al-Adha Sacrifices” for the ninth consecutive year in 2024, to assist families and individuals, both refugees and non-refugees, with limited financial means, residing in the capital Bucharest and some neighboring cities.

Some of these families are in very dire financial situations, as they have no income at all. Therefore, we hope to assist them with food baskets along with sacrificial meat, sweets, clothes, shoes, and toys for their children, in order to bring them some joy even if in a small way. So, we kindly ask those who wish to donate food items, clothes, shoes, and toys for children on the occasion of the holiday to contact us via WhatsApp at the phone number provided in the post…

We kindly ask anyone willing to contribute to the donation and assistance of needy families to contact us Via WhatsApp at the following phone number


Note: (Clothes, shoes, and toys must be new and unused). 🙏

If you wish to volunteer to help us implement the project, you can send your CV to the organization’s phone number listed above…

Donors can also deposit their donation into the association’s account listed below, in order to purchase all the necessary food items for them.

Bank Transfer Information:

Organization Name: BUD’S FLOWERS

CIF: 28982541

Account Number

IBAN in Lei




Bank Name: BCR – Sucursala Grivița

Donation Subject: Donație


Thank you very much for your support
May Allah help us all in doing good deeds
Wishing you all health and peace every year, by the grace of God

 Bud’s Flowers Association

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