BUD’S FLOWERS is a non-governmental organization. which aims to promote and defend human rights.

Zakat AL Fitr Campaign 2024

Zakat al-Fitr

⬅️ Our organization announces that it is receiving Zakat al-Fitr for this year as well, 2024.

⬅️ According to the fatwa in Romania, Zakat al-Fitr for this year, 2024, is a minimum of 50 Romanian lei.

⬅️ Dear sisters and brothers, through your contribution by donating Zakat al-Fitr, you can help us to:
✅ Purchase essential food items for financially limited families unable to cover their essential needs adequately.
✅ Assist families with disabled children.
✅ Support widowed or divorced women and their children.
✅ Aid elderly women or men who are no longer able to work and have no monthly financial support.
✅ And other emergency cases, such as purchasing medicine for a patient or paying rent or accumulated services for a poor family or individual going through financial hardship.

⬅️ Zakat al-Fitr can be donated for yourself and your family.

Allah, the Most High, says in His Book:
“Establish prayer and give zakah, and whatever good you put forward for yourselves – you will find it with Allah. Indeed, Allah of what you do, is Seeing.”
(Allah’s word is true.)

Dear sisters and brothers, if you wish to donate Zakat al-Fitr, you can contact us through the organization’s messenger or via WhatsApp at the following phone number:

Or you can donate directly to the organization’s account:

Bank transfer information:

Organization name: BUD’S FLOWERS

CIF: 28982541

Account number
IBAN in Lei : 




Bank name: BCR – Grivita Branch

Donation subject: Zakat Al Fitr


Asociatia Bud’s Flowers

Ramadan Campaign 2024

“May your Ramadan be blessed 🌙🕌🤗

O Allah, allow us to reach Ramadan, not missing nor missed. Bless it for us and make it a source of security and faith upon us. 🤲

Bud’s Flowers Association launches, starting from today, Friday, 02.02.2024, the “IftarSaem 9” project campaign, for the ninth consecutive year in 2024, aiming to prepare and distribute 150 Ramadan food baskets to 150 families and individuals, both refugees and non-refugees, with limited financial income, residing in Bucharest and some neighboring cities.

⬅️ The first day of the blessed month of Ramadan will be on Monday, 11.03.2024, Insha’Allah. Therefore, we aim to distribute the Ramadan bags at least a week before Ramadan, on Saturday and Sunday, which will be on 02.03.2024 and 03.03.2024. So, we seek your support and assistance to distribute the Ramadan basket on time. 🙏

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