Klaus Iohannis: “On the occasion of the beginning of Ramadan, I wish all Muslims residing in Romania a blessed fasting, with God’s blessing

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis sent a message on the occasion of the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan and announced that he would participate in the traditional Iftar banquet
“On the occasion of the beginning of the month of fasting – Ramadan – I would like to convey to all Muslims in Romania a blessed fast with the blessing of God and let us remember at this time the family, why it unites us and makes us stronger in society, with the power of faith, tolerance, compassion and solidarity that we must show to others around us.
In the coming period, I will participate in the traditional breakfast. Thus I will once again have the opportunity to make my mark, and this time I will be among the Romanian citizens of the Muslim faith, the ethnic and religious wealth of Romania as well as the contribution of our cultural diversity to a society of understanding, tolerance, dialogue and peace

A seminar entitled Obtaining Romanian Citizenship” Obstacles and Hope

In the “Safir” hall, one of the halls of the Marshal Garden Hotel, located on Aldrobans Street No. 50 B. The symposium was honored to be attended by His Excellency the Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq

In Bucharest, Mr. Hussein Sinjari, and a number of the most important officials in Romanian government institutions attended, including the Vice President of the National Authority for Nationality

Romanian Mr. Czar Stancu, Director of the Technical Department of the National Authority for Romanian Citizenship, Mr. Marius Mavti and Director of the Directorate of Immigration of the Capital Bucharest

Mr. Ioan Buhaja, a representative of the Directorate of General Migration, Mr. Zglobio Allen, a representative of the Asylum Directorate, Mr. Rizuyo Christian, and of the Directorate of Population Registry

And the civil status was attended by Mrs. Chief Commissioner of Police Nicolta Daniela Anna, and Mr. Catelyn Grosso, a representative of the Bucharest General Governorate attended.

Mr. Dirar Qutini, President of the European Romanian Arab Cultural Center, Mr. Abdullah Mubasher, Vice President of the Egyptian Community, and a number of businessmen

Among them were Mr. Ahmed Al-Kilani, Mr. Sajjad Amin, Mr. Ahmed Al-Amayreh, and some Arab citizens from different communities. Some representatives of the symposium attended the symposium.

. Civil society organizations, including Ms. Corina Popa, Ms. Eugenia Gitsa, and some Romanian lawyers

After introducing the objectives and activities of the organization, His Excellency the Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Bucharest gave a speech in which he praised that any foreign citizen seeks to acclimatize in the country

The host will enjoy success and happiness and no one should impose his way of life, religion and culture on the host country, but rather he should respect the country

residing in it and to respect his religion and culture, and that what some people perpetrated from terrorism in the name of Islam has affected many who wish to come for treatment or

Tourism has rejected their requests because of the actions of these people, so any foreign resident must live his life and try to adapt and integrate into society from

In order to become successful and happy in his life

Also, Mr. Czar Stancu, Vice-President of the National Authority for Romanian Citizenship, gave his speech and explained to the attendees the number of applications submitted in order to obtain

Romanian citizenship in accordance with Clause No. 8 of the Nationality Law No. 21/91 and the number of applications accepted and rejected, and that the National Authority seeks to facilitate obtaining Romanian citizenship

The Romanian citizenship, but after fulfilling the conditions for obtaining it. The Director of Immigration of the Capital Bucharest, Mr. Ioan Buhaja, also delivered a speech that

That anyone who wishes to obtain Romanian citizenship must respect the law from the moment he enters Romania and strive to adapt in society

In order to achieve all his goals easily and in accordance with the provisions of the law

Bud’s Flowers, its activities and field of work, as well as introducing the participants to the procedures for obtaining Romanian citizenship

Under Article 8 of the Nationality Law No. 21/91 and knowing the difficulties faced by foreigners with regard to this issue, trying together and through the presence of

Officials who represent the institution of the National Authority for Romanian citizenship find solutions to overcome these difficulties and make the process of obtaining Romanian citizenship

Easy and effective, the organization’s management has provided a detailed explanation of the procedures for obtaining Romanian citizenship. The seminar included a paragraph on analyzing the current situation and the needs

Citizens of third countries in Romania with regard to obtaining Romanian citizenship, and there was also an open discussion session in which some of the attendees were presented

What problems they encounter and they were answered with some proposals that lead to solving their problems, and the symposium included questions by foreigners in their situations

Many were answered by representatives of government institutions mentioned previously, as the symposium took place during a coffee break in order to enhance acquaintance between foreigners

. And representatives of official departments and see the most problems facing foreigners with regard to residency problems and many other things

The symposium ended with a set of proposals and recommendations addressed to the representatives of the official departments in order to seek to analyze them and try to implement them in order to

. Reach the desired goal

The campaign to distribute Ramadan bags to needy families

“The joy of fasting” campaign – Ramadan Mubarak
On the occasion of the blessed month of Ramadan, may God bring it back to you with goodness, Yemen and blessings, on Tuesday, 23.05.2017 at 4:00 pm, Bud’s Flowerss organization distributed Ramadan bags to 45 Arab families of different nationalities (176 people), and a large amount of Clothes and other items were donated by many people.
On this occasion, our organization would like to extend its appreciation and thanks to everyone who contributed and gave us a helping hand with material and in-kind donations.
We also extend our appreciation and sincere thanks to the virtuous sister / Alaa Mustafa, the volunteer with our constant help and who made a lot of effort to help needy families.
Praise be to God. This campaign has enjoyed great success, and we could not have succeeded and succeeded in it except by the grace of God Almighty and thanks to your help and support for us.
May God bless everyone and make this great work in the balance of your good deeds.

“What is lack of money from charity”

A very important note: The “Farah Saim” campaign for collecting material and in-kind donations for needy families is still going on until the end of the holy month of Ramadan, because we want to distribute another meal of Ramadan bags in the middle of the blessed month of Ramadan, so everyone who still wants to help please contact us at The following phone number: 0734584626 / Sister Abeer